Tongxin Waterfall at Wannian Valley

Tongxin Waterfall

Tongxin Waterfall is a nice waterfall in Wannian Valley.  It makes a great stop before going to Penglai Waterfall about 30 minutes farther east on hwy 147.

The hike:  It’s about a 15 minute walk down to the waterfall on an overgrown but easy to follow trail down to the waterfall.  There is also trail after the waterfall but I’m not sure if it’s passable.  It does look like it would have spectacular views of Wannian Valley.  There are a lot of wildflowers so you might be able to get some great insect photos.

How to get there – The best route is to get off the 3 freeway at the Douliou Interchange.  In Douliou turn south onto hwy 149 and follow the signs to Caoling.  From the south you can take hwy 162 to Meishan and turn left on Hwy 149 but it is easier to take the longer route through Douliou.  Turn right (south) on hwy 149 and follow the signs to Caoling.   Wannian Valley will be before the long tunnel.   You will see a red pedestrian footbridge upstream from hwy 147.  There is a restaurant and souvenir shop with parking and bathrooms.

Other info – There is additional hiking in wannian (ten thousand year) valley.  It looks like you can now access the river at the bottom with a new suspension bridge for hiking and other waterfalls.

GPS data – parking lot: N23.60711, E120.68667 – waterfall: N23.60519, E120.68388

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