Shuiliandong Waterfall


Shuiliandong is one of Taiwan’s most popular waterfall names that I have explained in this entry for another Shuiliandong Waterfall (Tainan). Typically whenever there is a small cave behind a waterfall it will be named Shuiliandong.

I don’t know the history of drawing county lines but most of Yunlin is located on Taiwan’s western plains except one tiny piece that is between Nantou and Chaiyi counties. This one tiny piece has at least a dozen notable waterfalls though and the main river valley is truly exceptional.

Rating and length – Easy – 1.5 km (<1 hour) round trip

Accessibility – small concrete road with one bad speed bump on a turn – easy trail for all hikers

How to get there – take Hwy 149甲 to Caoling in Yunlin County. As shown on the map there are 3 turns off of Hwy 149甲 into Caoling. You want to turn on the middle road which will take you down the cute main street of the village. There are several shops and a few restaurants that are open on weekends. This road twists and turns all the way to the bottom of the river valley. There are a couple of turns but they are marked by signs although the text faces the wrong direction. Near the bottom there are 3 small boulders that have fallen onto the road (3/2016) but cars are able to maneuver around them. Shortly after these boulders there is a small area to turn around in and you can park here. It is marked by a signpost saying 400m to the waterfall.

The hike – This is a loop hike. Continue on the road (left branch) and this will take you to the upper part of the waterfall where you can walk behind the waterfall. There is a set of metal stairs that go up just after this but we don’t know where they go (probably up to the village). Take the wooden stairs down to a viewing platform and then all the way down to the waterfall.

Taiwan loves animal shaped rocks and there is a frog above you as you walk down the stairs. It looks like a frog but it isn’t that great. The trail again passes behind the waterfall (pictured above) and you can follow the slightly overgrown path all the way back to your vehicle.

Seasonality – likely runs dry by December unless there has been a recent rain

GPS data – parking N23.575652 E120.688239 – waterfall N23.576999 E120.691512

Dates visited – 2/28/2016 (dry waterfall) and 3/12/2016 (after it rained)

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