Longfeng Waterfall

3 years ago I visited Wannian Valley and stood on top of Longfeng Waterfall and thought it was impossible to visit it from the bottom.  About a year ago I found that a previously destroyed road had been repaired and you could access the valley below again.  Later the Taipei Hikers took a trip down there and confirmed that the Zhanghu Scenic Area was accessible again.  I was finally able to visit last weekend and the area didn’t disappoint.  There are at least 5 accessible waterfalls in the scenic area although I am only counting 3 of them in the guide.

Longfeng is an interesting waterfall.  On top of the waterfall it feels really tall but as you approach the waterfall from the valley it is quite short and shoots out of a cliff.  Nearly half of the waterfall is carved into a notch in the rock and is only visible when directly in front of the waterfall.  The water is also a cloudy gray that reminds me of glacial silt.  During the short hike to Longfeng Waterfall you will pass by 3-4 smaller waterfalls in addition to several others that are located nearby.

Rating and length – easy – 2kms (1 hour) round trip

Accessibility – small roads passable by car – no trail and walking on rocks required

How to get there – Take Hwy 149 from Meishan.  This twists and turns up the hill until it reaches Hwy 149甲.  Turn right on this road and descend all the way to the river.  It is best to park near the bridge and the now unmaintained bathrooms.  Motorcycles and 4×4 can continue down to the river (<0.5 km).  The road is shown as going through to Wannian Gorge and Caoling on maps but there is a big landslide blocking it.  We didn’t see landslide but we were told that motorcycles might be able to get through.

The hike – Hike down the hill on the road until you reach another bridge that is next to an old suspension bridge tower.  Enter the creek to your left and walk upstream for 20 minutes.  You will most likely have to get your feet wet to reach the waterfall and there was a landslide at the base of the waterfall that requires some rock scrambling (no climbing).

GPS data – parking N23.599748 E120.656816 – waterfall N23.599954 E120.664154

Date visited – 2/27/2016

Other nearby waterfalls – Dijiu Waterfall – Lingquan Tengjiao – Wannian Valley – Tongxin Waterfall – Penglai Waterfall – Shuiliandong – Lianxintang Waterfall

3 years ago from on top of Longfeng Waterfall