Lianxintang Waterfall

Lianxintang Waterfall is a small waterfall with a perfect swimming hole on the Zhugaoshui Trail. The Zhugaoshui Trail is probably about 6 kms long starting at Penglai Waterfall and ending at a giant cypress tree in the Shibi Valley. This is likely a very nice trail to hike but most will simply drive up to the parking area in Shibi Valley to access Lianxintang Waterfall and the surrounding area. From the parking lot you can hike 15 minutes up to the small pond. The best swimming is at the pond but the name is derived by a bizarre feature just above the pond. Lianxintang translates to Hearts Together Pond in Chinese. There are two small holes in the rock that look like hearts (marked with signboard on the trail). It was difficult to tell if you could swim in them at all but they looked pretty small.

A reader reports that the trail is being rebuilt and it is difficult walk to Lianxintang (7/2016)

In addition to Lianxintang there is a hike to the Youlong Spectacle from the same parking lot. Youlong Spectacle is a small but tall cascade down a slanted rock. After Youlong Spectacle the trail forks with both going to another road access. Going past Lianxintang there is a giant cypress (I forgot the name but it is something like ‘Ancient Tree’). To see everything it will probably take 2-3 hours.

Rating and length – easy – 1km (30-40 mins) round trip – additional trails available

Accessibility – good road – boardwalk trail but the wood is very rotten and steps are likely to break

How to get there – Take Hwy 149甲 to Caoling in Yunlin County. Once in Caoling take a left and follow the signs to Penglai Waterfall. Instead of turning into the restaurant parking lot continue uphill. This road will switchback several times. Eventually you will come to tall wooden viewpoint with a hiking trail. Stay right at this junction and then take the next right branch off of the main road. The road switchbacks twice and then there is a parking lot where the road crosses the creek.

The hike – The hike starts at a bridge next to the pavilion. Follow the stairs for 10-15 minutes and Lianxintang Waterfall is visible on the right. Lianxintang is just further and visible from a bridge.

Other info – restaurant on site

GPS data – parking N23.605767 E120.712343 – waterfall N23.606688 E120.714096

Date visited – 2/28/2016

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