Dijiu Waterfall

Dijiu Waterfall is the biggest in the Zhanghu Scenic Area (that I have seen at least).  Dijiu Waterfall is a two tiered waterfall with the upper tier (dry most of the year) spilling over the cliff just to the left of the upper corner of the photo.  I have found 3 names for the waterfall: Dijiu, Tianchang and Zhangqing.  I picked the one with the most signs although it is possible that one name is for the upper tier and another for a lower tier but they are too close to each other to be separately named imo.

Rating and length – easy – 2.5 kms (1+ hours) roundtrip

Accessibility – small roads passable by car – trail is in fairly good shape

How to get there – Take Hwy 149 from Meishan.  This twists and turns up the hill until it reaches Hwy 149甲.  Turn right on this road and descend all the way to the river.  It is best to park near the bridge and the now unmaintained bathrooms.  Motorcycles and 4×4 can continue down to the river (<0.5 km).  The road is shown as going through to Wannian Gorge and Caoling on maps but there is a big landslide blocking it.  We didn’t see landslide but we were told that motorcycles might be able to get through.

The hike – Hike down the hill on the road until you reach another bridge that is next to an old suspension bridge tower.  Longfeng Waterfall is up the valley on the left.  Cross the bridge and hike on the dirt road.  After less than 5 minutes turn left at a sign junction (Chinese only) and follow the path up to the waterfall.  You can access the upper tier of Dijiu Waterfall, Longquan Tengjiao and another waterfall by crossing the bridge and taking the stairs up for another 15 minutes.

GPS data – parking N23.599748 E120.656816 – waterfall N23.596642 E120.656869

Date visited – 2/27/2016

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