Yunlin is an oddly shaped coastal county that contains very little mountainous terrain.  However that small area has some of the best valleys in all of Taiwan.  The Zhanghu Scenic Area was closed several years ago when I first tried to visit but it is open again and it is spectacular.  Caoling has put a lot of effort into building trails and putting up signs (in English) to its numerous natural attractions.

Dijiu Waterfall

Lianxintang Waterfall

Longfeng Waterfall

Lingquan Tengjiao

Penglai Waterfall

Shuiliandong Waterfall

Tongxin Waterfall

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  1. Hi !

    Thanks to make this Web site ,if anyone is still using it I want to make a little update :).
    I went today 24 June 2016 to Caoling .
    The track to go to Lianxintang waterfall(pond) is completely destroy ,they removed the stairway and its unpleasant and in my point of view not very safe,though it’s very short .Actually they are building on the site a new track with in front of the fall a platform ,maybe will be finish next year but for now don’t go there I think as its a construction site ,Wich for me remove the quiet nature relaxing part :).

    Penglai is nice ,though for me it’s pretty hard to get to the waterfall ,it must be a dry day as the rocks a very dangerously slippery when wet and it’s very steep .But the view is quit nice .

    The falls Djiu ,longfen waterfall and around are inaccessible ,the road is cut and stop before it ,but you can access to the 10 000 years canyon instead at the end of the road Wich is amazing (cannot swim there ,too dangerous )

    Enjoy guys ,thanks for this very good website .

    1. That is good news about Lianxintang. The trail really needed to be rebuilt and I expect they will finish it this summer.

      I think you approached Dijiu and Longfeng Waterfalls from the wrong side. The road between Dijiu/Longfeng and Wannian Gorge (10,000 year canyon) is broken but you can drive all the way around and approach it from the west side of Hwy 149. I have had many friends going back there all spring so I would be surprised if there was any new damage.

      Thanks for the updates

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