Yulan Waterfall 玉蘭瀑布

Yulan Waterfall

The local aboriginal name is Gaba Waterfall.  Hunters named the waterfall after the intense sound that the waterfall makes.  In the last few years the local community has made significant trail improvement building bridges and an excellent footpath back to the waterfall.  The downside to this is that it has become a very popular hike on the weekends with entire tour buses of hikers passing you on the trail.

Rating and length – Easy – 9kms 3-4 hours roundtrip

The hike – Hikers are able to enter the gated area free of charge but cars and scooters are not allowed anymore.  For the first half of the trail hikers have the option using some nice trails that crisscross the road and mostly avoid the boring road walk.  The first part of the trail can be found by crossing abridge at the beginning of the trail and walking on an old road on the opposite side of the river.  Less than a kilometer later it crosses another bridge rejoining the road for awhile.  After that the side trails are easy to find and are much nicer to hike on while leading to the same place.  A little past the halfway point you arrive at the official trailhead and hike a beautiful trail back to the waterfall.

How to get there – The easiest way to get there is to take Hwy 7 from the train station to the intersection of road 63.  It will take about 40-45 minutes.  Turn right just before the CPC gas station (last gas station going up the mountain – possibly closes early at night) and the large parking lot is straight ahead.

GPS – parking lot N24.67372 E121.59991 waterfall N24.68460 E121.57456

Other info – camping possibly allowed at the local park at the start of the road walk.  Bicycles possibly allowed to ride the road walk portion of the trail.

Date visited – 11/23/2014

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