Yulan Tea Garden Campground

It isn’t the most convenient place to find but it perhaps has the best views of any campsite in Taiwan.  The camp is located on a mountain at the beginning of the Lanyang Valley on Hwy 7.  The view includes Taipingshan to the south and the city of Yilan to the northeast.  About 5 kms past the campsite is the entrance to Songluo Lake.

How to get there – If you are coming from the train station you can take Hwy 7 (40 minutes) to Yulan.  The road for the campsite is 1.2 kms after the CPC gas station at the Hwy 7/Hwy 63 junction.  Turn right at a green road sign for Yulan.  Choose the further right road headed up.  Stay on the main road as it switchbacks up the mountain for 3-4 kms.  The campsite is not marked very well.  It is located right after a Villa sign.  There is a rather normal looking large shed on the right hand side and just past there is a large bathroom.  To make reservations at the campground talk to the attendants in the shed.  They also have a restaurant.

Facilities – The facilities are not overly impressive but they are functional.  Bathrooms.  Hot shower next to the restaurant.  Tables and pavilions.  Water and sink for prep and cleanup.  Camping platform and awning.

Price – 250 NT/person

GPS – turn from Hwy 7  N24.66617 E121.59469 campsite N24.67389 E121.58474

Dates visited – 11/2014 – 4/2016 – 4/2017

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  1. It’s very basic, but very good. The people who work there are all friendly, though none of them speaks any English. We still managed to get by.
    Each tent plot has electricity, which comes at no extra cost. (if you don’t like camping, there is also a guest house – or B&B – though I didn’t go to look at it.
    I stayed there four nights. It was very quiet, except for the Sunday afternoon, when there were a lot of people. People came for the view and to have family picnics.
    Facilities, as I said, are very basic. The bathrooms are fine, but there is only one shower. That was no problem for me, as I was the only camper.
    I ate once at the restaurant. The food was excellent, and inexpensive. There are also iced drinks (including red and green teas made from teas that are grown by the owners – it is mainly a tea farm) available. There is also sidra and Taiwan beer.
    The atmosphere in the restaurant/drinks area is very relaxed and informal. I spent one afternoon in there watching a thunderstorm, and drinking beer.
    The view is really nice. The campsite overlooks a valley/plain below. That means that, to get to the campsite, you have to drive up a winding mountain road for about 10 minutes.
    The price is still 250 NT a night. (June 2016.)

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