Yuemeikang Waterfall 月眉坑瀑布

This waterfall lived up to the high praise provided by Richard Saunders.  It’s located in between the incredible Wufengqi Waterfall and Linmei Shipan hiking trail.  Hikers can start at either parking lot but the better option is to combine all 3 hikes into one day (or a long half a day).

Yuemeikeng Waterfall shouldn’t be considered a river trace but it is definitely worth it to bring your river tracing shoes because you will have to cross the stream several times.  There is also nice river tracing downstream. Take the side trail just after the two bridges before going uphill.

How to get there – Take the train, bus or drive to Jiaosi north of Yilan. If you have your own transportation you can take Hwy 9 south from the train station and turn west onto county road 2.  There will be easy to follow brown signs to Wufengqi Waterfall.

Mass trainsit – Bus 111 departs every 30 minutes from Jiaoxi Train Station and also stops near Linmei Shipan.

Caution – The final part of the hike directions are tricky and it is possible to take an incorrect route which does not lead to the waterfall. (linked article)

The hike – After parking in the main parking lot walk along the river towards Wufengqi Waterfalls.  Wufengqi Waterfall goes up stairs to the right but Yuemeikeng Waterfall and Linmei Shipan cross the river to the left. Follow the trail for 20-30 minutes until you reach a small shrine and about 10 meters after that take the right fork downhill to a green bridge and a second bridge right after it.

Immediately after the 2nd bridge there is a small trail to the river.  This is NOT the way to Yuemeikeng Waterfall.  This is downstream of the waterfall but there is a impassable waterfall that you cannot safely climb up.  It is also dangerous to go off trail/river here (linked article).  Follow the main trail uphill and away from the river for 10-15 minutes until you see an old stone wall foundation on the left side of the trail.

Turn left at this junction and follow this trail down to the river.  At first the ropes are not necessary but in several sections they provide a little help.  Once at the river the waterfall is about 5-10 minutes upstream and it is easiest to cross and follow the makeshift trail (with ropes) to the waterfall.  You will need to enter the stream (slippery rocks) several times so it is best to have water shoes (helmet is not a bad idea).

Other info – 20/50NT fee for scooter/car parking – free for people

Google Maps Link – N24.829646 E121.751732

Date visited – 11/23/2014 and 4/2/2017

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