Xinfeng Waterfall 新峰瀑布

Xinfeng Waterfall 新峰瀑布 is almost totally forgotten about in Toucheng, Yilan. In the 1950’s it was designated as one of the 18 Scenic Spots in the Lanyang Valley (Yilan County). Briefly it was turned into a water park in the 1970’s but it didn’t pass environmental assessments in the 1980’s and was shut down. The water park buildings still stand but they show 30+ years of disrepair.

The walk to Xinfeng Waterfall is short but challenging. Shortly after the abandoned water park the trail disappears and hikers must walk in the creek up to the waterfall. I recommend using river tracing equipment (shoes, helmet and optionally a life jacket) for your safety.

The abandoned water park is interesting to explore but beware that a dead body was found in one of the buildings in 2017.  Taiwan News article

How to get there – Xinfeng Waterfall is near the spot where Hwy 9 crosses under National Highway 5. Turn onto county road 3 and follow this until you reach the first big valley. Turn left onto this small road and follow it over a bridge until you reach a small dirt parking lot. Those that are less brave drivers can park closer to the main road. It would only add an extra 1/2 km each way.

Mass Transit – It is 3.5 km each way from a bus stop so the only option is to hire a taxi to get to the trailhead.

The hike – Scooters can go half way to the waterfall on an old road through an abandoned water park. You will pass by a few buildings that were abandoned in the 80’s. The trail ends at the creek and from there you have to river trace up to the waterfall. It is a long river trace but it is slightly challenging and I recommend using river tracing shoes and helmets.

Google Maps Link – N24.863657 E121.798764

Date visited – 4/1/2017

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