Wufengqi Waterfall 五峰祺 瀑布

Wufengci Waterfall 五峰祺 瀑布 is a stunning 3 tiered waterfall in northeast Taiwan. Some people have walked past the lowest tier and didn’t even know it was a waterfall but the top two tiers are very impressive. The middle tier drops over 30 meters behind a pavilion. The top tier (above) is unfortunately usually closed due to possible falling rocks but it is one of my favorite waterfalls in Taiwan.

How to get there – Take the train, bus or drive to Jiaosi north of Yilan. If you have your own transportation you can take Hwy 9 south from the train station and turn west onto county road 2.  There will be easy to follow brown signs to Wufengqi Waterfall.

Mass transit – Bus 111 departs every 30 minutes from Jiaoxi Train Station and also stops near Linmei Shipan.

The hike – This hike is all stairs. There are several sidetrails but the waterfalls are clearly marked. It will take about an hour to hike to all 3 waterfalls round trip. It’s also worthwhile to visit the Catholic church that has an outstanding view of the valley and the upper tier.  You can extend your hike to half a day (quick pace) or a full day (leisure) by also hiking to Yuemeikang Waterfall and the Linmei Shipan trail.

Note – The trail to the upper tier of the waterfall is frequently closed due to falling rock hazard. Nobody will stop you if you go around the gate but beware that it is closed.

Other info – 20/50NT fee for scooter/car parking – free for people

Google Maps Link – N24.829646 E121.751732

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  1. This was a great one! 🙂 Loved these falls, I was right next to Yuemeikang/linmei shipan – feet unfortunately weren’t in good enough shape to do them 🙁 next time!

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