Songluo Trail 松羅步道

Songluo Trail ends at the stream

Songluo Trail should not be confused with Songluo Lake.  The access to Songluo Lake is several kilometers north near the village of Yulan.  Songluo Trail is located near Songluo village in the last little village before Hwy 7 climbs up the mountain.  There is a small general store but you should have already stocked up on supplies and gas.  They advertise a waterfall on the map and the trail guides but it is an exaggeration.  The stream cascades down in many places but I didn’t see an individual cascade taller than 2 meters.  Even though there wasn’t a waterfall I thought it was a beautiful hike on a well made trail.  The roadwalk is not that great but you might be able to avoid it on weekdays.

Rating and length – Easy – 4 kms of trail (round trip) plus 4 kms of roadwalk – 2-3 hours

The hike – The river will be on your left and you will follow this river upstream the entire way.  Starting at the main parking lot walk down the gravel road to a set of shops.  Go through the shop area and continue on the road until you reach some sort of water pumping station.  It might be possible to drive here on weekdays and park.  The trail starts immediately after this.  You will need to cross on one of those well made rope bridges and continue hiking upstream on the other side of the river.  There are 3 small optional loops that you can hike off of the trail.  They rejoin the trail after 5 minutes.  The trail ends at the river.

How to get there – The easiest way to get there is to take Hwy 7 from the train station all the way to Songluo Village.  It will take about less than one hour.  Go past the CPC gas station (last gas station) in Yulan at the intersection of Hwy 7 and Hwy 63 (Yulan Waterfall is here).  Continue on Hwy 7 past the village of Yulan until you reach Songluo village (well signed).  Don’t turn at the aboriginal warrior statue at the center of the small village but continue just a little further and turn at the 2nd aboriginal warrior statue and follow this road up the valley to a large parking lot.  On weekdays you might be able to continue past the checkpoint to the trailhead but otherwise there is an easy 2km (each way) road walk to the trailhead.

 GPS – N24.66722 E121.56435 (trailhead)

Other info – bathrooms and tea shops available – free

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