Jiuliao Waterfall 舊尞瀑布

Jiuliao Waterfall aka Zhongshan  Waterfall

Jiuliao Waterfall is about 1.5kms from Xinliao Waterfall in a neighboring valley but it is a completely different hiking experience.  Both hikes are short but Jiuliao Waterfall is a less visited, more natural and extremely slippery trail.  It appears on some maps as Zhongshan Waterfall but all of the signs now use the local name Jiouliao Pubu (pubu = waterfall).

Rating and length – Easy – 2kms and about 1 hour roundtrip

The hike – It is best to park at the grass parking lot even though the road continues a little further.  The road crosses the creek and continues on the other side before reaching the trail.  The trail is a mix of natural trail, stone steps and ultimately wood steps and platform.  It is incredibly slippery in places.

How to get there – Jiuliao Waterfall is a few kms west of Xinliao Waterfall on Zhongshan Road.  Turn left at the Jiouliao Pubu sign and go past the campground.  The grass parking lot is less than a km ahead.

GPS – Parking N24.61600 E121.73151 Waterfall N24.60771 E121.73173

Other info – free

Date visited – 11/22/2014

6 Replies to “Jiuliao Waterfall 舊尞瀑布”

  1. arghhhh. I just went here today (very late after xinliao) but I couldn’t actually find the waterfall. I got to a point in the path… where.. I just couldn’t see where it went… was it hard to follow when you were there? I was probably ALMOST there… but… I just couldn’t see an opening 🙁 So sad…

    1. That doesn’t look right. The trail (concrete and wood) was a little overgrown but you shouldn’t have been in the river. There might have been one spot where the trail zigzagged and you missed the turn and there was river access.

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