Jinyue Waterfall

Jinyue Waterfall

Jinyue Waterfall is located on Taiwan’s east coast near Nanao. The hike is a very popular river tracing route that might be crowded on weekends.

The hike – (Moderate difficulty, 3-4 hours) – You could probably do the hike quickly but there are a lot of great spots to play in the water. It starts at the first waterfall and you can hike around this waterfall on the right side. After that you follow the creek upstream until you reach the second waterfall (pictured). This is a great place to eat lunch and go swimming. On the return trip have fun sliding down the waterslides that the water has been perfectly forming for thousands of years. There is also a spot to do some cliff jumping near the first waterfall.

How to get there – Drive to Nanao on Hwy 9. Turn west towards Jinyue village and turn left on either of the two roads before Jinyue village. Both go to the same place. The parking area will be on your left after about two kilometers.

Other info – You will need river tracing shoes, a life jacket and a helmet if you want to go past the first waterfall. You will also want a wetsuit if the weather is cooler. It is free but there aren’t usable toilet facilities.

GPS info – Parking lot: N24.46838, E121.75475 – Waterfall: N24.46654, E121.74813

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  1. Hi,
    It sounds like a great place.
    Do you know if there’s a place in Nanao or Jinyue where we can rent the river tracing gears ? If there’s one, do you have its location?

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