Houdongkeng Waterfall 猴洞坑瀑布

Houdongkeng Waterfall in Yilan County is a short but easily accessible hike. The nearby Paoma Trail can be also be hiked at the same time.

Houdongkeng (Monkey Cave) Waterfall 猴洞坑瀑布 is a small but easily accessible waterfall near Jiaoxi, Yilan. The main tier (above) can be swam in but I preferred viewing the upper tier (shown below). The trail ends at a stream which you could explore or you can return to the trailhead and hike the Paoma Trail for a longer dayhike if you wanted.

How to get there – Turn west off of Hwy 9 onto Baiyun Street. It is a small road opposite a large roasted chicken restaurant. Follow this road around a sharp right turn and the trailhead will be at the next corner (signed)  in a few minutes. Don’t park right at the corner but there is room to park on the side of the road a little further down.

Mass Transit – It is 2 km from Jiaoxi Train Station or you can take one of the many buses for half of the distance. Bus 131 from Jiaoxi Station (every 1.5 hours). Bus 1766 from Nan Fang Ao stopping at Jiaoxi and Yilan Station (every 45 minutes). Bus 1572 from Taipei (every 15 minutes) or Bus 1880 from Keelung (every 40 minutes).

The hike – The trailhead is marked with a sign and a path leads towards the creek. After passing over a flood control canal you will arrive at the lowest tier of the waterfall. You can get in the water here but it probably isn’t very deep or go up the stairs and see a second tier that isn’t safely accessible for most people. The hike ends at the top of the stairs but you could walk up the stream and possibly find some more private swimming holes.

Google Maps Link – N24.841509 E121.782630

Date visited – 4/1/2017

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