Aohua Waterfall

Aohua Waterfall (澳花瀑布) is a beautiful waterfall hidden away on Taiwan’s east coast. It is not particularly easy to reach from any major city except Hualien but that reduces the crowds. It looks like a perfect swimming hole during the summer heat.

Rating and length – easy – 2 km (1 hour) round trip

Accessibility – rough road (okay for a car but slow) – the path is good except for a couple of damaged areas

How to get there – Turn off of Hwy 9 at Aohua Village. Go through the village staying straight or veering left at any Y intersections including one that is signed in Chinese (澳花瀑布). The road eventually turns into dirt and rock. Turn left at an intersection and cross the creek. After this the road is concrete and follows the left side of the creek. Stay right and eventually the road is washed out. Cars will have to park at a wide spot in the road but motorcycles can go to the end.

The hike – Hike down the remainder of the road until the road ends.  There is a worn path down to the creek and the restarts on the other side.  Eventually the path becomes a set of well made stairs and they lead all the way to the waterfall.  The final part of the trail requires hikers to climb over rocks.

Seasonality – probably perennial

GPS data – parking N24.348351 E121.732899 – waterfall N24.352728 E121.737819

Date visited – 4/2/2016