Youling Waterfall

Youling Waterfall is another waterfall hidden in the deepest part of Hsinchu county.  It will require a short river trace and is also close to the Water Curtain Cave swimming hole upstream.

The hike – It’s an easy 40 minute hike down the river (200m elevation drop).  The trail starts down an old road and later becomes a path.  It splits at one point and the lesser used right fork takes you to the river where you can river trace (10 minutes) up to the base of Youling Waterfall.  The left fork takes you to the top of the waterfall and continues to Water Curtain Cave.  Water Curtain Cave is another waterfall although it’s actually a beautifully built dam with water spilling over and through.  It’s definitely worth it to bring water shoes and spend some time at the base of the waterfall.

How to get there – It can be approached from either Hsinchu on route 60-1 (going past Taiyao and Maliguang Waterfalls) or from Hwy 7 (North Cross Island Hwy).  The easier route is to take Hwy 7 from Sanxia and turn right at Baling.  Yuling Waterfall is located near Fuhua Rd on the south side of the river about 7 kilometers from Baling.  You can park at the school basketball court with access to bathrooms.

GPS coordinates – parking: N24.66294 E121.35496  – waterfall: N24.66566 E121.35390

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  1. dang… seeing the photo of this… I don’t know what waterfall I saw! I tried to do the whole “right fork” thing. I fell down quite a few times on the way down. Esp when I got down to the actual river. The track is … pretty slippery! When I looked to the left when I was at the river I could see some sort of small waterfall (very high though) and thought that was Yilan waterfalll.. so I attempted to clamber over rocks to get there… and almost made it there but… could see that there was no way I was going to scale a cliff or… err.. get swept away in the water! Eek. Trying to work out where I went wrong.. did you actually cross the river first, when you were there?

    1. Did you find the water curtain cave (the large manmade wall)? Yuling Waterfall is almost directly below it.

      Where you came out at the river should have been near the mouth of a creek (a little further west). Yuling Waterfall is up a gorge (<100m's) and then a right turn. It is possible that the recent rain has made the creeks impassable for the time being and created near temporary waterfalls.

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