Xinxing Hotspring Waterfall

Xinxing Hot Spring is one of the best wild hot springs in Taiwan although it gets overlooked by the even more popular nearby Sileng Hot Springs.

The hike – The hike starts at the little village of Galahe but scooters can drive down about halfway.  The hike isn’t long but it descends about 300 meters to the river below.  The first half of the hike is a steep road walk and then it is mostly stairs down to the river.  The last part is a little tricky as you climb down a ten meter high ladder.

How to get there – The easiest way to get there is from Baling on the northern cross island highway (Hwy 7).   In Baling turn west on the south side of the river onto Yeheng Rd.   About 1 kilometer later take a sharp left onto Guanghua rd and follow it for about 6 kilometers.  There will be a few buildings and some room to park.

GPS coordinates – parking N24.654980, E121.399380

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