Tiemu Waterfall 鐵木瀑布

Tiemu Waterfall 鐵木瀑布 is a small roadside waterfall with a great swimming pool in Taoyuan. It is a little off of the beaten path but it seems very popular with the locals. There was even a phone number for betelnut and alcohol delivery.

The waterfall is named after a local police officer who visited the waterfall often.

How to get there – It will take about 45 minutes to get to Tiemu Waterfall from Sanxia. Take Hwy 3 out of town and then follow Highway 7乙 until it connects with Highway 7.  Turn left onto county road 112 and follow this about 2 km until you reach Xiayun Elementary School. The waterfall is 400 meters up Kuzhi Road (to the right). Roadside parking available at the waterfall.

Mass Transit – Bus 5106 goes to Xiayun Village every 3.5 hours from Daxi . Let me know if this works. The local village buses don’t always have the correct schedules posted online.

The hike – There is a set of stairs down to the waterfall and the path continues 100 meters to a great swimming hole. To access the swimming pool at the waterfall you will need to use a rope and crawl down some rocks.

Google Maps Link – N24.813536 E121.384715

Date visited – 2/2/2017

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