Sileng Hotspring Waterfall

Sileng Hot Spring is regarded as one of the best wild hot springs in Taiwan.  Luckily it’s not very easy to get to so it isn’t completely overrun with visitors.

The hike – The hike starts out on a pleasant not too steep trail.  About halfway down the trail becomes a vertical plummet down to the river below.  There are plenty of ropes to assist you on the way down but it’s not for the timid.  Additionally there is a 5 meter rope climb up a rock face as the final obstacle at the hot spring.  The hot spring is on the opposite side falling down a rock face into a sitting pool.  There are a few trails interconnecting in the area but Sileng Hot Spring is marked in Chinese if you look closely.

How to get there – Sileng Hot Spring is located near the top of the Northern Cross Island Highway (Hwy 7) around the 60 kilometer mark.  There are a couple of parking spaces near the trailhead and if you drive past there are a few more parking spaces along the road.  There is no road marking for the hot spring trail though.

GPS coordinates – parking: N24.64544 E121.43564  – hot spring: N24.63823 E121.43499

Date visited – 3/23/2014

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