Sanmin Bat Cave

Sanmin Bat Cave is an impressive overhanging rock that happens to have a small waterfall at one end. The waterfall is quite seasonal so expect it to be dry if it hasn’t rained in the last month or two. One thing needs to be said about Taiwan’s caves. Very, very few of them are actually caves. They are pretty cool to check out though.

How to get there – Sanmin Bat Cave isn’t far from Sanxia Old Street just off of the 7乙 highway. You will have to Google’s directions to get through the windy roads.

The hike – It is easy and quick to get to Sanmin Bat Cave. About 100 meters up the trail are some bathrooms and it doesn’t take long to reach a trail junction. The path that you are on goes up to the Guanyin Cave and instead you need to take the left path (not really visible) down to Sanmin Bat Cave.

Google Maps Links – N24.838408 E121.349290

Date visited – 2/2/2017

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