Jinfeng Waterfall

Jinfeng Waterfall isn’t particularly large but it is a nice place to spend the afternoon getting away from the heat. The trail is really short but you can get into the water to cool off. The waterfall is also very close to one of Taiwan’s three famous day lily fields. They only bloom in August and September but both could be combined into one great trip.

Rating and length – easy – < 1 km (30 minutes round trip)

Accessibility – small but good road – the trail is in good shape to the main waterfall

How to get there – Drive on Hwy 9 to Taimali (south of Taitung). Turn onto road 64 near kilometer marker 404. On road 64 follow next to the river but do not go across the big bridge in Jinfeng Village. After the village the road becomes one car wide but it is in okay shape for all cars.

Mass transit options – Take the train to Taimali Train Station. The best option from there would be a taxi to the waterfall. It might be possible to get a bus to Jinfeng Village and then walk the remaining 2-3 km to the waterfall.

The hike – Go up the stairs from the parking lot. In less than 5 minutes you will pass by a new bathroom and it won’t take another 5-10 minutes to reach the waterfall. On the way to the waterfall there is a set of stairs to the left leading down to the water. You cannot get to the waterfall from here.

Seasonality – unknown but likely runs dry in the winter and spring

Other info – bathrooms available

GPS info – N22.592966 E120.932944

Dates visited – 8/27/2016

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