Baiyu Waterfall

Baiyu Waterfall

Baiyu (bright jade) Waterfall is one of many waterfalls in the Jhiben Hot Spring area.  It’s also one of the easiest to get to.  This waterfall is highly dependent on recent rainfall to look impressive and in the spring it reduces to a trickle.

The hike – It’s a 5 minute walk up some stairs to the waterfall.  Unfortunately there are a series of water pipes strewn all over the place supplying water to the valley below which interfere with the aesthetics of the waterfall.

How to get there – From Hwy 9 in Taidong follow the signs to Jhiben Hot Springs (Hwy 194).  After about 3 kms turn left at the brown Baiyu Waterfall sign.  Follow the road up the creek for less than a km and there is a parking area.

Other info – free

GPS info – parking: N22.687833 E121.016694 – waterfall: N22.687111 E121.017083

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