Shuiliandong (4th bridge)

Shuiliandong translates to Water Curtain Cave and is one of the most popular waterfall names in Taiwan.  Journey to the West was written in the 16th century and is considered one of China’s four great classical novels.   In the novel (I read the wikipedia…) the monkey bravely enters the cave behind the waterfall and is rewarded for his bravery.

This Shuiliandong waterfall is located a few kilometers south of Tsengwen Dam and can be viewed from the road.  In addition to being picturesque it has several great swimming holes. The best is swimming into the grotto under the waterfall. It is also possible to go upstream to another waterfall.

Difficulty and length – Easy – 1/2 km (20 minutes) round trip

Accessibility – Located on the main road in the Zengwen Reservoir Recreation Area. The hike is on a path in poor condition and requires getting wet.

How to get there – Enter at the southern entrance of Zengwen Reservoir Recreation Area.  It is 1km after the 2nd bridge (6km marker). You can park cars immediately to the north of the bridge at a pavilion and what looks like an old weigh station. Scooters can park at the path on the south side of the bridge.

The hike – The waterfall is viewable from the road and takes about 5 -10 minutes to walk to. The trail splits after a couple of minutes. Take the right branch down to the river. At the river you will have to go upstream and have to get your feet (half of your body) wet. There is a rope to help you.

Other info – Entrance fee 50TWD plus a vehicle charge 40/20 (car/scooter).  In the last few years Zengwen Reservoir has built several attractions but other than the space agy lookout I haven’t checked them out.   There is a first rate campground near the southern entrance that is free with paid admission to the rec area.

GPS – N23.23619 E120.50850

Date Visited – 10/10/2014 and 10/30/2016

Other nearby waterfalls – Feiyun Waterfall – Bianfudong Waterfall

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  1. I went there today but unfortunately I was told by a person who works there that it is not allowed anymore to get close to the waterfalls around this reservoir… very disappointing.

    1. Was Shuiliandong specifically roped off? I would be surprised if it was. I have been planning to go out there sometime this summer so I will make sure to check this out. Additionally all of the other waterfalls near Zengwen are really far outside of the Zengwen Recreation Area so I am not sure if he knows what he is talking about.

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