Dongkou 東口 Campground

Dongkou Campground on a busy holiday weekend

Tsengwen (Zengwen) Reservoir Recreation Area has added many new places in the last few years.  Most of the places (visitor centers and activity centers) don’t interest me but the camping area was perfect.  It’s big enough to handle holiday weekend crowds but it also feels nice on normal weekends.  Currently it is free with paid entry into the recreation area.

How to get there – Take Hwy 3 north from Qishan.  Turn off onto Hwy 174 (left) and shortly after turn onto Cengku Road.  Both turns will be clearly marked by brown signs for Tsengwen Dam.  You will cross the river twice.  Turn left after the second crossing and the campground is a few hundred meters down the road.  Camp anywhere you want.

Facilities – camp area, picnic areas, bathrooms, showers, running water

Price – Free camping with paid entrance fee (100/50 adult/discount plus a 50/20 car/scooter fee)

GPS – 23.228646, 120.499960

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