Bianfudong Waterfall

Bianfudong Waterfall (蝙蝠洞瀑布) translates to Bat Cave Waterfall although there might not be any bats now. It is a small waterfall with an awesome swimming area. There isn’t much of a hike but it is perfect for a lazy afternoon with a group of friends.

Rating and length – no hike

Accessibility – Cars should park at the main road and walk 200 meters to the waterfall

Height – My estimate is 15 meters

How to get there – Go north from Yujing on Hwy 3 and turn onto road 188 in Nanxi for 3.5 kilometers. Turn right on the 3rd road with a steep uphill after a small village. It isn’t the road at the 3.5 km marker or the road with the bus stop sign but the next one. It is probably best for cars to park at the turn near the green water tank. It is a short walk up the hill to the waterfall.

Mass transit options – Tainan bus GR22 leaves from Yujing and stops every 2-3 hours near the waterfall. The bus schedule is at (use the pull down menu for #22 in the middle of the page for the full schedule

The hike – After turning right off of the main road walk uphill and then turn right on first road. It is marked by a broken waterfall sign showing the last Chinese character for waterfall and a 200M indication. The trailhead is at a bathroom with 50M sign.

Seasonality – This waterfall goes dry or low flow within a month or two since the last heavy rain. It will typically be dry from at least December to April.


GPS info – N23.179691 E120.525967

Dates visited – 10/23/2016

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