Xiannu Waterfall 仙女瀑布

Xiannu Waterfall 仙女瀑布 is a small cascade with a large swimming pool in Taichung. You can access it by walking 15-20 upstream or a couple of minutes from the top of the waterfall (not a good option for cars). The second option requires you to swim across the pool to get to where the photo was taken. I was warned about 20 scary monkeys but only saw one. Perhaps be cautious if you plan to picnic back here.

How to get there – Exit Taichung on county road 136. After about 15 minutes turn left at a pavilion onto Shantian Road (cty rd 100). Just before the intersection there is a sign for Siannu Waterfall. Shortly after crossing over a bridge, Shantian Road turns left and switchbacks uphill while county road 100 continues straight. Just before the trailhead there is a teashop with a nice parking lot (and a bathroom below the road) but parking is also possible at the trailhead

Mass transit – It is 2.2 km each way from the bus 287/288 stop (many buses each day)

The hike – The hike starts at a makeshift parking spot just off of the main road. Follow the trail across some boulders and then down a run off chute to the creek. Turn left and with a little luck you can find a rough path along the left side of the creek. Quite a few parts require hopping over rocks to get to the waterfall.

Google Maps Link – N24.121758 E120.817392

Date visited – 3/4/2017

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