Longgu Waterfall 龍谷瀑布

Longgu (Dragon Valley) Waterfall 龍谷瀑布 used to be a popular hike but now just a few sections of trail dangle off of the cliff and hikers must instead river trace to the waterfall. The trail might be gone but an impressive statue of Guanyin still clings to the cliff.

The valley ends at a very impressive waterfall that thunders down even in the dry season. This waterfall is almost definitely inaccessible for 6 months every year after the summer rains start.

This is a very dangerous hike. You will need to climb up small waterfalls and swim. I recommend that only experienced river tracers with gear attempt this. In addition, this valley has flash flood potential and the water levels are likely too high to attempt during summer and fall.

How to get there – Take Hwy 8 from Taichung to Guguan. The trailhead leaves from the Family Mart.

Mass transit – Mass transit – Bus 153 leaves 20 times/day from the HSR station in Taichung and Bus 207 or 266 leaves almost 20 times/day from Fengyuan.

The hike – Start at the Shaolai Trail (捎來步道) across the street from the Family Mart. Go down the steps to the bridge and start hiking up the other side. After a few minutes there will be a side trail (marked no swimming/playing) that leads down to the river. Take this down and follow it up to the dam. You could also stay straight on the trail and climb over two 2.5 meter walls to get to the dam.

At the dam stay right and it will be easy to walk over the dam. It is easy to mostly stay out of the water until you reach the first of many small waterfalls. The hike becomes difficult and a little dangerous at this point (gear is highly recommended). Shortly after the first small waterfall there will be statue of Guanyin perched high above you on a cliff.

The next waterfall was the most difficult and requires you to lift yourself up 1.5 meters on a very slippery rounded rock. There was a rope on the left side but the current was far too strong to use it (during dry season). The rest of the obstacles are more manageable until you end at the waterfall.

I am not joking. You shouldn’t do this unless you are in a group of experienced river tracers. And it is likely impossible to do most of the summer and fall. If you choose to go, PLEASE DO SO SAFELY.

Date visited – 5/7/2017

Google Maps Link – N24.203089 E121.006165

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