Dongmao River Waterfall

Dongmao River Waterfall is a peaceful spot to hang out that almost nobody goes but be warned it is a long, slow drive from the main road (Hwy 8). The hike is short but not very pleasant as you find your own trail down to the waterfall. There are slippery rocks and tall grass that will cut up your legs.

If you can’t read between the lines then I am saying that this place is peaceful once you get there but not that great of a daytrip.

How to get there – Take Hwy 8 towards Guguan but turn left in the village of Baileng (白冷) at a red light intersection. You can follow either road at this intersection as the pass by both side of the village elementary school. Following the route on Google Maps is probably the easiest but in general you want to take the right fork of each intersection to get to the waterfall. Obviously don’t take any tiny roads that go to a farm or a farmhouse.

Mass transit – No buses go down this mountain road.

The hike – There is room to park on one side of the bridge but start hiking from the other side. Follow the stream downhill to the confluence.

Date visited – 5/7/2017

Google Maps Link – N24.199787 E120.953568

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