Taichung has been one of the last counties in Taiwan that I have explored. I have a few waterfalls marked on my to do list outside of the main valley up the old Central Cross Island Highway that passes through Guguan (and is closed shortly after it but that one valley contains at least a dozen waterfalls. In addition to that Wuling Farm (trailhead for Snow Mountain) and Taoshan Waterfall requires a really drive through Puli and Hehuanshan to reach but they are still in Taichung.

Danalai Campground

Dongmao River Waterfall

Guguan Dam Waterfall

Hudie (Butterfly) Waterfall

Longgu Waterfall

Maling Hot Spring

Menghuan Valley Waterfall

Shimen Waterfall

Tangmadanshan – One of the 7 Guguan Heroes hikes

Taoshan Waterfall

Wuling Farm Campground

Xiannu Waterfall

2 Replies to “Taichung”

  1. Butterfly Valley Falls are great 🙂 Bring your non-slip booties though.. I was wearing my keen footwear (not good enough). The rocks are super slippery.
    In Taiping there is a mini-river trace that I did, lots of pools and mini cave-like things that you could easily sit in and relax in.. and enjoy yourself in ! + a nice small waterfall
    There were some falls called Fairy Falls in Taiping that I didn’t manage to end up finding 🙁 Found the other one just mentioned above instead! .. next time I’ll check it out. Will be nice in the warmer weather.

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