Yilin Waterfall 義林瀑布


The 4th tier of Yilin Waterfall

Yilin Waterfall is also known as Laoying Waterfall.  Although none of the 4 tiers (possibly a 5th tier) are spectacular it is a nice stop if someone is in the area or making a trip to Yuanyang Waterfall.   Each of the 4 tiers has a nice swimming hole.

The hike – The first two tiers are next to the road but there is a rough trail up to the 3rd and 4th tiers.  The 3rd and 4th tiers are just above the 2nd tier and there is a trail near the waterfall leading up.  The trail is not in good shape.  It’s steep and overgrown but not very long.  There are ropes leading up.  At the top of the ropes go to the left and it will only take a few minutes to reach the 3rd and 4th tiers.  It is tricky to get to the top tier but it’s a great place to swim if the lower waterfalls are packed with others.

How to get there – Take Pingtung county 110 into the mountains in Laiyi Township.  Yilin Waterfall is located right next to the police checkpoint and the 2nd tier can be reached by a small road right before the checkpoint.  You no longer need to stop and register at the checkpoint.

GPS – 2nd tier N22.52618, E120.66026

Date visited – 10/25/2014

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