Yila Waterfall

Upper Yila Waterfall

Yila Waterfall is a group of waterfalls located along Highway 24 on the way to Wutai.  The pictured waterfall changed significantly during 2009’s Typhoon Morakot.  Before the typhoon, the waterfall was twice as tall and had a perfect swimming hole.  There is also a Lower Yila Waterfall below the road.  It is not accessible from the road but can be viewed from the road.

The hike – Stairs lead away from the road but they quickly end.  At the end of the stairs it becomes a 15 minute rock scramble up the creekbed.  The first section requires a little agility but the overall it’s an easy hike back to the waterfall.  The waterfall is located in the left branch of the creek and it’s possible that there is another waterfall up the right branch.

Since I was there the first time they have put up caution tape at the stairs.  It isn’t the most spectacular waterfall and the hike is terrible so I recommend skipping it.

How to get there – Yila Waterfall is located on Hwy 24 between Sandimen and Wutai about 1 km past the giant bridge that crosses the river valley.  Go past the small roadside waterfall and stop at the first big river valley.  You will briefly be able to see waterfalls before you get to the creek valley.  There isn’t an official parking area but there is room for cars to park at the side of the road.  Stairs lead away from the road.

GPS data – N22.74072, E120.72129

Other info – You will need to go through a mountain checkpoint to travel on highway 24.  The process is very informal for day trips and you will only have to show ID (passport or ARC).

6 Replies to “Yila Waterfall”

    1. Was it sealed off to the lower falls (much nicer) or to the creek to an upper falls (pictured)? I missed the lower falls a couple of years ago but I saw a video of someone hopping the police tape (I think to the lower falls) awhile back. I don’t condone that but I need to go out there again and update this entry since things have definitely changed.

  1. umm… it was around the first bend to the left, so I’m not sure if that’s to the lower or the upper falls. I’m assuming lower as the staircase went down?

    1. I somehow completely missed the staircase leading down when I went out there and found one leading upstream. It is also in terrible shape but there is an alright waterfall upstream (pictured). Hopefully it stops raining so much sometime so I can take a trip out to Wutai. There is so much to add and update.

  2. I went here today. Yes the trail from the road was sealed off with tape, but you can easily jump over and head down the stairs. Would be best if you had water shoes and traced the creek/river instead of trying to hike around (was a bit dangerous!).. the slates are just “hmm, will I slide down the cliff if I step on this one.. or not??” haha. I managed to avoid falling down today! 🙂

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