Wutan Waterfall

Wutan Waterfall (also named Dongxi Waterfall) isn’t very well known but it is really easy to get to. If there are crowds then you go up to the second tier of the waterfall with a short river trace. We went on a Tuesday and there were a half dozen retired Taiwanese meditating at the waterfall. We chose to not disturb them and checked out the 2nd tier. There is also a tall waterfall above the 2nd tier but we couldn’t find a safe way up despite a ladder going part way up.

Rating and length – easy – 1.5 km (<1 hour) round trip to the 2nd tier

Accessibility – a short drive on a secondary road – 1st tier is at the parking lot – 2nd tier involves walking in the creek

Estimated height – 20 meters

Elevation – 100 meters

How to get there – Turn off of Pingtung county road 185 onto county road 106. Follow this into the village and turn left before a bridge at an aboriginal statue. Follow this road next the creek until the end. You will cross the cross on a bridge at one point. The road is in fair condition for cars.

The hike – There is no hike to 1st tier. 2nd tier – Walk back down the road 50 meters and go up the steep concrete road to the farmhouse. Don’t turn towards the farmhouse but continue walking down a small path which ends on top of the main waterfall. Turn right and walk up the creek 10-15 minutes until you reach the 2nd tier.

Seasonality – dry Jan-Apr

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GPS – waterfall N22.585455 E120.642101

Dates visited – 11/1/2016 and 4/16/2017