Wanan Waterfall Wanan Waterfall

Wanan Waterfall has been on my to do list for a long time. I knew it was really big and I knew sort of where it was but I never had the time to go exploring. Luckily my waterfall exploring friend Asher (Follow Xiaofei’s link) did the hard work for me. I was finally able to go out there and Wanan Waterfall spectacularly falls in 4 tiers for almost 200 meters but I will need to go back after it has rained to see it at full flow.

We were surprised by the diversity and overwhelming number of butterflies though. We also saw 100’s of purple crow butterflies that have made Maolin famous. This is one of southern Taiwan’s secret butterfly valleys. The purple crow butterflies spend November to March in southern Taiwan as part of their yearly migration but many of the other butterflies will be there year round.

How to get there – Turn off of county road 185 onto county road 99. Follow this through 2 small aboriginal communities and keep following the main road. There are many smaller roads that split off from the main road. 3 km from the waterfall cars will have to stop. The road is washed out underneath and part of the road has collapsed. Cars won’t be able to continue but scooters can get by this broken part. Even if you have to road walk, it will only take you about an hour to reach the waterfall.

The hike – I have marked the trailhead where the road ends and the single track begins but scooters will be able to continue most of the way to the waterfall. Near the waterfall, a path has formed to cross a landslide and the you can safely access the waterfall between the 2nd and 3rd tiers.

Caution – Crossing the landslide near the waterfall could be very dangerous in rainy conditions.

Google Map Link – N22.650325 E120.663876

Date visited – 1/10/2017

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