Shuangliu waterfall

Shuangliu is part of Taiwan’s National Forest Recreation Area system.  In each recreation area there are 3-6 great hours of hiking on well built trails.  The downsides are that the recreation areas are usually crowded on weekends and the trails are a little too paved for my liking sometimes.  Of course this increases accessibility to those that can’t handle mountain trails.

Rating and length – easy – 7kms – 3 hours (round trip)

The hike – The riverside trail and the mountainside trail both lead back to the waterfall.  Shortly after the parking lot the two waterfall trails split. The mountainside trail goes up to a suspension bridge while the riverside trail continues along the river until they meet again at an impressive arched bridge.  The mountainside trail is a significantly more beautiful trail since the riverside trail is an old road for most of the trail.  For hikers that are dissatisfied with the relative ease of the hike there is another trail (Mt Maozi – 5.6kms round trip) that goes up to a nearby peak with views of the ocean.

How to get there – Shuangliou recreation area is located on Hwy 9 where it crosses over the mountains. There will be a large brown road sign 6-8 kms from the turn at Hwy 1. It is a 2.5-3 hour motorcycle ride from Kaohsiung.

Entry fee – 100/50 adults/children – 50 for car parking and motorcycles park outside of the gate in a small parking lot.

GPS info – turn from Hwy 9: N22.21878 E120.79372 – waterfall N22.222633 E120.821343

Dates visited – 9/5/2011 (various other times) and 11/8/2015

I hiked down the riverside trail to the waterfall and returned via the mountainside trail.


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