Shenshan Waterfall

 2nd Tier of Shenshan Waterfall 神山瀑布

Shenshan and Wutai Villages have been rebuilt into vibrant aboriginal villages.  In 2012 I visited Shenshan Waterfall and the village was a deserted ghost town but now the there are many restaurants with great views and many examples of aboriginal art designed into the buildings and walls.  I visited Shenshan Waterfall but I didn’t know at the time was that there two lower tiers for Shenshan Waterfall.  Unfortunately a major rockslide filled in the pool at the 1st (upper) tier of Shenshan Waterfall (photo from before the rockslide).  The 2nd tier of Shenshan Waterfall is a great swimming hole with crystal clear blue tinted water.

Rating and length – easy – <10 minutes

Accessibility – cars can drive back there – the 1st tier might be a little slippery but the 2nd tier has a very nice path built to it

The hike – Both hikes are easy 5-10 minute walks from the road.

How to get there – Shenshan Waterfall is located beneath Shenshan village about west of Wutai on highway 24.  Beneath is a very accurate term since you will turn left (north) in Shenshan village and go down about 7 switchbacks (1st tier of Shenshan).   You will be able to see the waterfall from one of the switchback corners and there is a trail leading through a farm to the waterfall.  The 2nd tier of Shenshan Waterfall is an additional 4 switchbacks down the road.  The 2nd tier entrance is currently (4/2016) fenced off.  They are doing trail work (concrete railings) but the workers allowed us to go back to the waterfall. There is also 3rd tier of the waterfall near the river at the bottom of the valley (directions at

GPS info – 1st tier of Shenshan Waterfall – N22.75369, E120.73038

Other info – You will need to go through a mountain checkpoint to travel on highway 24.  The process is very informal for day trips and you will only have to show ID (passport or ARC).

Date visited – 10/7/2012 – 9/12/2015 – 4/26/2016

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  1. I visited this waterfall yesterday and it looks nothing like your picture. It seems like since your visit in 2012, there was a massive landslide and while the waterfall is still there and quite beautiful, the rest of the area is covered with rocks of different shapes and sizes. Many of the guardrails along the concrete path are heavily damaged including those on the bridge across what I assumed used to be a tiny river.

  2. Hello, folks!
    My friends and I went to this waterfall yesterday in two separate groups. We never ended up getting together because, as we discovered, there are at least TWO tiers to the waterfall.

    The one that is above (not blocked off and easier to find) seems to be the one in the picture above. There is no swimming hole and many people were there. From my friends’ descriptions, it’s more of a river that you can play around in and walk some 50 m downstream.

    The one lower one is blocked off with a fence and some sort of tent-like thing. There are signs that say “no swimming” and such. It looks steep, but after you (easily) hop the fence, go to the right, then you’ll see a beautiful set of rock stairs that lead down. There is one area that is a little dangerous because the rail is gone, but it’s not bad. There are three viewing platforms and when you get to the bottom there is a waterfall that is 8-10 m tall with a swimming hole, a rope, and a rock for jumping.

    The current is a little bit strong there and the water is deep, not a big deal if you can swim – and be careful about going to the lower level at this spot. My friends had to rescue a someone who could not swim. She was stuck in a whirlpool or sorts – and below that part there is a big drop off.

    1. I also didn’t know that there were two Shenshan Waterfalls. A friend told me but I have been meaning to go out there and map both of them and update the guide. Maybe tomorrow.

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