Shalawan Waterfall


Shalawan Waterfall is one of southern Taiwan’s perennial waterfalls.  More importantly Shalawan is just one of many big waterfalls in the valley.  A side stream cascades several hundred meters down the cliff in multiple drops.  It also might be possible to river trace upstream to Deer Creek Waterfall before the May rains come.  It is a 160 meter drop on the same creek as the pictured Shalawan Waterfall.  For culuture lovers there is a well maintained slate village near Shalawan Waterfall.  This is a pretty awesome area to explore and Shalawan Waterfall is just one of the sights.

The road is currently closed for construction. It might open at the end of 2017.

Rating and length – easy – 4 km roundtrip – 1.5-2 hrs

Accessibility – a poor road that is driveable in a car – the final part of the hike to the waterfall pool requires a short roped section

Estimated height – 60-70 meters

How to get there – Shalawan Waterfall is located past Majia.  First go to Sandimen on Hwy 24.  Once in Sandimen follow the signs to the Taiwan Aboriginal Museum.  Don’t enter the museum parking lot but stay to the right on Pingtung County Rd 35.  This is a small mountain road with many twists and turns but it takes you to Majia.  Stay on the main road until you come to a 3 forked interesection in Majia.  The right fork takes you to the Zhenlishan trail.  The left fork takes to the aboriginal village and Shalawan.  Follow this road for about 9 kms to the aboriginal village where the roads appears to end.  There is a large village with many well maintained slate houses below the road.  Turn left and go down the hill about 1km until you see a small parking area.  All vehicles needs to stop at the white bridge and park there.

The hike –  It will take about 30-40 minutes to walk down to the waterfall and it’s a little further to get to the stream. The trail goes to the top of the waterfall. You will need to watch for a small trail (not obvious) that is steep.  There are ropes in some sections but it is a bit of a rocky scramble.

Seasonality – year round

Nearby Waterfalls – Shiwang Waterfall

GPS data – parking – N22.664853 E120.715069 – waterfall – N22.658163 E120.721840

Date visited – 3/15/2015 – 12/26/2015 – 11/20/2016

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  1. I went to hike this trail today and I would recommend that all vehicles, 4x4s included, to stop at the white bridge. About 200-300 meters past the white bridge, the road has washed out next to the retaining wall leaving a narrow strip about one and a half persons wide. Not only that, the road is in pretty nasty shape up to that point past the bridge. I would probably only attempt it if I had a serious dirt/adventure bike.

    To clarify on the where the small trail is that goes down to the main waterfall, you will come across 4-5 rocks that run across the road in a line and it will look like someone put those rocks there on purpose, otherwise the trail itself is not that obvious. You will come across it before you reach the end of the road.

    Out of all the waterfalls I’ve been to in Pingtung on your blog so far (Liangshan, Shenshan, Shuangliu), I’d say this one has been my favorite. Thanks for setting up the site and for the detailed directions and GPS coordinates.

  2. There was a lot of water today .. saw an old-ish Taiwanese guy swimming in there 🙂

    There’s no “4-5” rocks anymore to signify where to go left. There’s a brown monument at one point, and just after that on the left there are stairs / rope to go down the cliff.

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