Rimu Waterfall

Rimu (Sunset) Waterfall was an unexpectedly pleasant spot located at the bottom of infinity stairs (descend nearly 400m of elevation in 1 km of hiking).  I had known about this one for a long time but I was never too excited about hiking down a set of infinity stairs followed by a short hike in the river.  The stairs were not a lot of fun but the creek and waterfall far exceeded expectations.  On the way back to the waterfall we passed by 4-5 perfect turquoise pools in the creek.  It was a cool day (February) and the water was icy cold but this would be an awesome spot to spend a summer day.

Rating and length – moderate – 3-4 kms (2+ hours) round trip

Accessibility – long and twisty mountain roads (car okay) – requires river walking and the stairs are crumbling

How to get there – Google Maps led us astray leading us down what ended up being a closed road.  You should be going through the small village of Lili (with a 7-11 and the bathrooms are in the public school).  Go past the school (don’t turn left) and then past the police station.  There will be many intersections but stay on the main road going uphill until just before you reach km marker 23.  On your right will be an old set of stairs going up and below the road you can see some stairs and a gate (difficult to see from the road).  You can park next to a black and yellow striped electrical pole.  If you reach the Jinshui Trailhead (many cars parked there) you have gone too far.

The hike – Go down the stairs and through the gate.  Follow the stairs all the way down to the river.  Be careful on the stairs because they are crumbling and leaves and rocks make them more slippery.  After reaching the river it is best to cross (wet shoes likely) and then follow the creek upstream.  Choose the left fork and after that you should be able to find a worn path on the left side of the river.  It will only take 10-15 minutes to reach the waterfall.

GPS – Lili Village N22.428332 E120.628690 – Trailhead N22.412034 E120.755199 – Waterfall N22.417143 E120.764941

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Date visited – 2/21/2016