Kayoufeng Waterfall

Kayoufeng Waterfall (previously named Neishih and Damenkeng) is now a popular weekend destination.  In 2012 they rebuilt the trail with informational signs and built a large viewing platform.  It is a good idea to go in the morning or on weekdays to avoids potentially large crowds.  The swimming pool is becoming deeper and spot was almost chest deep for me.

Rating and length – easy – 1km (<1 hour) round trip

Accessibility – narrow road that is dirt in some places. Cars are fine. The trail is in perfect condition.

How to get there – It is located near Fangshan in Pingdong county just north of where Hwy 9 goes over the mountains to Taidong. From Kaohsiung it was about 75 kms to Fangshan. The large brown informational sign on the highway was removed (likely to be replaced with the new waterfall name).  Turn at the stoplight near the CPC gas station (km marker 452). Drive through a red gate and go 4-5 kms down the small road. Turn left onto a concrete road after a white bridge.  The turn is marked with a wooden signpost and the waterfall name in Chinese.  Follow this smaller river 4 more kms until you reach the parking area. The road is rough in places and narrow but it is easily drivable in a car or motorcycle.

The hike – From the parking lot it is a 10-15 minute up stairs to the waterfall. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. There is a small picnic area but no bathrooms.

Seasonality – likely dries up Jan-Apr

GPS – Turn off of Hwy 1 N22.26239, E120.65311 – Waterfall 22.297088,120.70052

Dates visited – 10/23/2011, 10/18/2015 and 8/11/2016


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  1. This waterfall was quite a lot bigger than I expected, but the water area below to play in is small and you can’t really swim. Unfortunately, on a Sunday afternoon in August, it was very crowded. A spectacular waterfall nonetheless.

      1. Perhaps it depends on the time of year. The water is not that much in your photos compared to when I was there. Also, they might have made it easier to get there… I climbed stairs to get up to the top.

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