Lower Yila Waterfall

Yila Waterfall (and particularly the lower falls) is probably Wutai’s most impressive waterfall (see the photo below). Unfortunately, there aren’t any really good viewpoints or hikes to the waterfall. Scooters will be able to stop alongside the road (slightly dangerous) for the view below but cars absolutely cannot stop there. This hike to the lowest part of Lower Yila Waterfall is pretty nice but it doesn’t quite show off all of the waterfall.

How to get there – Go through Sandimen on Highway 24 towards Wutai. Pass through the checkpoint (see info below) and drive to the Guchuan Bridge (tallest road bridge in Taiwan). Turn just after the bridge and follow the road down to the visitor parking lot under the bridge.

This hike can only be done during the winter or spring if thewater levels are low.  it could be very dangerous to cross the river otherwise.

The hike – If the water level is low then there should be a small landbridge that you can follow to a road upstream. Scooters and even cars should be able to drive this road to the other creek crossing. The creek crossing isn’t marked but it is directly at a sharp bend in the river. It will take another 20 minutes to get up this side canyon to the water. You will pass several small rock dams that have been destroyed but they are easy to get around.

Other info – You will need to go through a mountain checkpoint to travel on highway 24.  The process was informal until my last trip (2/18/2017). Everybody in our group needed to present their ARC/passport and sign their log book.

Google Maps Links – N22.747282 E120.705662

Dates visited – 2/18/2017

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The waterfall from above