Liangshan Waterfall

Liangshan Waterfall is probably the most popular waterfall in southern Taiwan.  It is located a couple of kilometers south of Sandimen and it will probably be very crowded on the weekends.  The entire trail was completely rebuilt in 2014 and now it is one of the easiest waterfall hikes.  Caution should be taken on the last 50 meters when entering a narrow bottleneck where the trail has been chiseled out of rock.  The footing can be slippery and I saw a boy and his father fall into the creek.  Luckily they only suffered scrapes and bruises but it could have been much worse.

Rating and length – easy – 4 km – 1.5 hours round trip

Accessibility – located on a main road – the trail is perfect except some rock (shown in the above photo) in the last 50 meters

Estimated height – 50 meters (the 3rd tier)

Elevation – 125 meters

How to get there:  Liangshan Waterfall is located 2 kms south of Sandimen on highway 185.  After taking highway 24 from Pingtung turn right before Sandimen on highway 185.  After turning onto Hwy 185 follow the brown signs to Liangshan Waterfall.

The hike:  Overall the hike will take 1-1.5 hours roundtrip but it could take much longer depending how much time you spend swimming and taking photos.  The trail was rebuilt in 2014 and is now almost entirely a wood platform or concrete blocks with earth filling in between the block.

The first tier waterfall is near the visitor center and the trail starts up a set of stairs immediately afterward.  The 2nd tier (shown below) isn’t the most impressive waterfall but it is an outstanding swimming hole.  There isn’t a sign for the second tier but 5 stairs lead off of the wood platform trail to a very steep trail down to the river.  To access the 2nd tier (shown below) visitors need to lower them down a 3-4 meter rock face using a rope.  This frequently requires waiting.

In between the 2nd and 3rd tier there is another spot to access the stream and there is a trail across the stream that goes somewhere (possibly interesting or possibly nowhere).  The trail ends shortly before reaching the 3rd tier and you will need to follow a slightly difficult route upstream.  The route on the left side of the river has chiseled out of rock and it can become a bottleneck with many people trying to go in both directions.  It can also become dangerous as stated above.  The 3rd tier is the most impressive and is also very nice to swim at if it isn’t crowded.

Seasonality – probably reduced flow during the January to April months

Entrance fee – 80/40 (weekend/weekday fee) – this is new in 2016

GPS data: parking – N22.68647 E120.63792 waterfall – N22.67480 E120.64636

Other info:  large visitor center with additional area info – camping platform (unknown if it available to use) – new hobbit houses for photo opps

Dates visited – 4/29/2012 – 7/26/2015 – 11/29/2016

Additional photos available at my blog post on Liangshan Waterfall

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  1. Your website was v useful for us. We were pretty lost, it was pouring, no soul around plus we spoke no Chinese. Had read your blog the previous day and searched for it again. Got the coordinates from it and finally managed to reach Liangshan. Thank you. Keep writing.

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