Feilong Waterfall

Feilong (Flying Dragon) Waterfall is one of southern Taiwan’s best swimming holes. Wutai has become very popular but few go past Wutai and you will nearly be alone at this waterfall. Bring your picnic and friends and spend half a day here and half a day exploring the Wutai area.

Feilong Waterfall also goes by Rentou (person’s head) Waterfall and according to folklore the aboriginal tribe used to put the decapitated heads of their enemies near the waterfall. I am guessing that this is greatly exaggerated but it is an interesting story.

Rating and length – easy – <1 hr (2km) round trip

Accessibility – Cars and scooters can drive to the trailhead – requires walking in the riverbed

How to get there – Take Hwy 24 from Sandimen all the way to Wutai. Just as you reach Wutai turn downhill on a side road to Dawu. Follow this road all the way down to the stream and cross on narrow red bridge. At the end of the bridge turn left and there will be a small spot to park cars and scooters just before the road ends at the stream.

The hike – Enter the streambed and follow downstream for 1 km until you find the small creek. The waterfall is a 3 minute walk up the creek.

Other info – You will need to go through a mountain checkpoint to travel on highway 24.  The process is very informal for day trips and you will only have to show ID (passport or ARC).

GPS data – trailhead N22.758743 E120.749046 – waterfall N22.765112 E120.744400

Dates visited – 4/26/2016 – 5/7/2016 – 5/14/2017

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