Dajin Waterfall

Dajin Waterfall is one of the closest waterfalls to Kaohsiung and it’s usually crowded on the weekends.  If you want to escape the crowds all you need to do is hike another 15 minutes up the trail to a smaller waterfall with a perfect swimming hole.  You can also connect to the Weiliaoshan Trail from the main waterfall trail.

Rating and length – moderately easy – <2kms (round trip) – 1+ hours

The hike – It isn’t a long hike (850 meters) but it’s all uphill (650 stairs).  The hike leaves from a small temple and it follows a nearly constant uphill slope.  It’s wide and well built but it can be slippery when wet.  There is a small hiking trail on the left when you reach the waterfall that leads to a small waterfall with a perfect pool for swimming.  It usually isn’t crowded even if the main waterfall is.

How to get there – It is approximately 1.5 hours (by car) from Kaohsiung.  Take highway 27 to Dajin and turn right at the large brown Dajin Waterfall sign.  This is actually a shortcut to highway 185 through a small residential neighborhood.  Cross highway 185 and park at the small temple.

Other info – Free to visit.  Swimming is allowed but locals will insist that you wear a safety helmet if you are under the falls.  I’m not sure if there was an accident here in the past or if they are just concerned about rocks being carried over the falls.

GPS info – turn off of highway 27 N22.86518 E120.62656 – parking Lot N22.86060 E120.64162 – waterfall N22.86070 E120.64519

Date visited – 5/31/2011, 6/3/2012, 2/3/2013 and 11/1/2015

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  1. Hey! I just went here today and saw this waterfall – super awesome 🙂 But I couldn’t actually see any track that lead off to the left to a mini waterfall that you mentioned? When did you visit this one?

    1. It has been a couple of years since I visited this. The trail to the 2nd waterfall isn’t near the main waterfall but I can’t remember exactly where. I will try to go out there again this summer and I have started making GPS maps so I can post more information about it. Thanks for the feedback.

      1. No problems. Thanks for your reply. hoping that the weather will hold out when I drive up to Yilan tomorrow… hopefully see a few waterfalls on the way! 🙂

  2. Hey there! Thank you for this web site! 🙂 is it anyhow possible to get to the waterfall by bus or train? Any public transportation?

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