Cigong Waterfall

Qikong Waterfall 七孔瀑布 is probably Taiwan’s southermost waterfall located near Jialeshui.  Qikong translates to 7 holes which is very appropriate.  Overall there are 7 small waterfalls and many of them are the perfect swimming hole.  None of the tiers are physically impressive but each is relaxing if you are there alone.

The hike – This is a short (45 minutes roundtrip) but difficult hike to reach all 7 waterfalls.  There are a couple of roped sections but most people should be able to handle this.  From the parking lot follow the road opposite the bathrooms upstream.  It immediately becomes a hiking trail.  Much of the hiking trail has been damaged and it’s actually becomes easiest to follow the creek upstream once you reach it.  Expect to get wet feet on this hike.  It won’t take long to reach the lowest tier where there is the remnants of the old stairs.  After that it’s easy to follow the roped sections to each of the waterfalls.  The last roped section is a short but difficult climb up to the 7th small waterfall.

How to get there – Take Hwy 26 south towards Kending.  Turn left onto Hwy 200 in Hengchun and follow a series of twists and turns until on Hwy 200 until you exit Hengchun.  Turn left at approximately the 8.5 km mark.  There are km markers and a Qikong 七孔 sign in Chinese.   The waterfall trail is at the end of the road.

Other info – Entry is 80-100NT/person.  Bathrooms are usable but in bad shape after being filled to the roof in Typhoon Morakot.

GPS info – Parking: N22.025639 E120.801417 – Waterfall: N22.027944 E120.799611

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    1. I visited these on Christmas day 3 years ago. Many things have changed. There is a small entry fee – maybe 80NT and they have cleaned up the bathrooms and possibly started rebuilding the trails.

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