Pingtung County is one of the easiest to access areas from Kaohsiung City (where I live) and it seems like every valley has several waterfalls to explore.  In addition to Kending’s famous beaches there is also the southernmost 3000 meter peak (Beidawushan) and many interesting aboriginal villages (mostly Rukai and Paiwan tribes).  The winters are warm and dry but unfortunately many of the waterfalls dry up by January or February.  Top things to do include Shalawan Waterfall (flowing year round), Beidawushan and Jiuhaocha aboriginal village.

Alanyi Coastal Trail

Ali Waterfall

Beidawushan Mountain

Cigong Waterfall

Dajin Waterfall

Feilong Waterfall

Haishen Waterfall

Jiuhaocha Village

Kayoufeng Waterfall

Liangshan Waterfall

Lower Yila Waterfall

Lover’s Lake Waterfall

Nanhu Waterfalls Group

Qufengbi Coastal Trail

Ritangzhenshan Trail

Shalawan Waterfall

Shenshan Waterfall

Shiwang (Lion King) Waterfall

Shuangliou Waterfall

Swan Lake Waterfall

Wanan Waterfall

Wang Ye Boat Burning Festival

Wutan Waterfall

Upper Yila Waterfall

Yilin Waterfall

Yuanyang Waterfall

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