Mantayupan Waterfall

Mantayupan is probably Cebu’s tallest waterfall although the actual height is open for debate (noted below). There isn’t much of a hike but the swimming is great and I was told that you could set up an abseiling trip down the waterfall but my contact might have mixed up this waterfall with a different one since I can’t find any information online about it.

Rating and length – no hike

Accessibility – good road to the entrance and a short concrete path to the waterfall

Height – Many sites claim 98 meters (321 feet) but that is not even close. My guess is 30-40 meters.

How to get there – Mantayupan Falls is a few kilometers off of the main road at Barilli

Mass transit options – 75 peso bus ride from Cebu City to Barilli and a 20-30 peso motorcycle taxi to the entrance

The hike – Go down a concrete path passing a smaller lower tier of the waterfall. In about 5 minutes you will arrive at the waterfall

Seasonality – unknown

Entrance fee – 20 pesos (foreigner)

Other info – life jackets can be rented – small restaurant with showers/bathrooms

GPS info – N10.100710 E123.535425

Dates visited – 10/7/2016

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