Dau Falls

Dau Falls (pronounced DAHH-OOO) requires a little more effort to get to but the hike is outstanding and makes it more likely to get away from the crowds. Just like every waterfall in southern Cebu the waters are a beautiful bluish green.

Rating and length – moderately easy – 3 km (1+ hours) round trip

Accessibility – The road is fine for cars and motorcycles – The hike is challenging and requires walking in the creek and climbing over rocks

Height – My estimate is 20-25 meters

How to get there – Dau Falls is about 2 kilometers from the main road in between Ginatilan and Samboan villages in southern Cebu.

Mass transit options – You can take the bus from the Cebu City south bus station (via Barilli) for about 200 pesos (3-4 hours). It is an easy 2 km walk to the entrance or you can hire a motorcycle taxi for about 50 pesos.

The hike – After paying the entrance continue through the small village down to the river. Cross the bamboo bridge and turn right instead of going up the hill. After a few minutes you will enter the creek where the walls close in around you. You will definitely have to get your feet wet. There is a short bamboo ladder to climb up and stairs cut into the limestone on your way to the waterfall. There are several great places to swim at.

Seasonality – could be dry during dry season (February to May)

Entrance fee – 40 pesos (foreigner)

Guides – Will just walk with you and expect a tip. Provided some help.

GPS info – N9.541576 E123.322211

Dates visited – 10/7/2016

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