Aguinid Waterfall

Aguinid Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in southern Cebu but it isn’t famous because it is tall. There are 5 levels (actually 7) where the limestone laden water has built up on rocks and flows into light blue pools. Not only are there great places to swim but hikers will need to do a challenging climb up several of the waterfalls. There are also several places to do some short jumps into the pools. During the whole trip your two guides will tell you exactly where to go and what you can do.

Rating and length – moderately easy – 1 km (1 hour) round trip

Accessibility – Aguinid Falls is located next to the main road – The hike is challenging and requires walking in the creek and climbing up rocks with ropes

Height – the tallest is 6-8 meters

How to get there – It is just south of Samboan in southern Cebu. You can walk to the entrance from the main road.

Mass transit options – You can take the bus from the Cebu City south bus station (via Barilli) for about 200 pesos (3-4 hours). Get off the bus at Aguinid Waterfall.

The hike – The hike starts down a path next to the river for less than 10 minutes. Level zero is only a few one foot drops that form shallow pools. Hikers won’t be challenged by Level 1 but Level 2 is a tall slanted rock that is climbed directly up through the waterfall. There are steps cut into the rock and a permanent rock to assist hikers. Level 3 is one of the most beautiful levels with a limestone overhang. There is also a 2 meter jump here. Level 4 is another short level requiring hikers to climb up through the water but Level 5 (pictured above) is the tallest and the most impressive with a large pool to swim in. If you pay extra you can do a very difficult climb up the left side of the Level 5 waterfall to two additional levels.

Seasonality – could be dry (or just a trickle) during dry season (February to May)

Entrance fee – 40 pesos (foreigner) 20 pesos (Filipino)

Guides – Two guides are required and will expect a tip. I tipped each guide 100 pesos.

GPS info – N9.505427 E123.304981

Dates visited – 10/9/2016

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