Yunsen Waterfalls 雲森瀑布

Yunsen (Cloud Forest) Waterfall 雲森瀑布 is actually a group of 3 waterfalls just outside Manyueyuan Forest Recreation Area. Yunxin (Cloud Heart) Waterfall is actually the name of the pictured one above but many have just started calling it Yunsen Waterfall. Senshan (Forest Mountain) Waterfall is immediately upstream and can be easily be hiked to from Yunxin Waterfall. Sister’s Waterfall is downstream and a different route needs to be taken. Overall this is one of Taiwan’s nicer waterfall hikes. The forest is beautiful to walk through, it is relatively remote and less traveled, and the waterfall is one of the best.

If you have the time then the best route is to follow the trail from Yunsen Waterfalls all the way to Manyueyuan and see those waterfalls also. There is also a trail to Zhuzushan and 4 other peaks as described in a blog below.

How to get there – It is easiest to drive to Yunsen Waterfall from Sanxia. Yunsen Waterfall is at the very end of county road 114. Xiongkong bus stop is at the end of the loop. To get to the trailhead don’t go on the north road but instead go on the south road that goes uphill. The trailhead is 1.7 km up the road and it can be walked or driven.

Mass transit – From Sanxia you can take bus 807 and it will take about 1 hour. Bus 807 departs Sanxia 5:20/7:00/9:30/12:00/15:00/17:30 on weekdays and 6:00/8:30/11:00/14:30/17:30 on weekends. It returns from Xiongkong Bus Stop and Manyueyuan about 1 hour after those departure times.

The hike – The hike is quite easy to the waterfall but you have to make sure that you don’t take the trail that leads from the parking lot just below the actual trailhead. The trailhead is off of the main road and is generously marked with ribbons. The trail is mostly flat and in great shape. There is only one junction and you continue straight on the main trail. The trail crosses a couple of streams with small waterfalls but Yunxin (Cloud Heart) Waterfall is quite obvious.

The hike to Manyueyuan is pretty easy to follow. It is well signed (in Chinese) but at every junction don’t take the trail going to a mountain. One tricky sign that we almost took was a sign going to Manyueyuanshan. Most of the summits are about 1km away from the main trail.

There is camping at the nearby 831 campground.

Google Maps Link – N24.843686 E121.457695

Date visited – 12/2/2016 and 2/3/2017

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Yunsen Waterfall is one of northern Taiwan's nicest dayhikes and it rarely gets crowded.