Xiufeng Waterfall 秀峰瀑布

Xiufeng Waterfall (秀峰瀑布) was my favorite of the three waterfalls near Xizhi. It falls in two streams down a rock face surrounded by a lush forest. Based on photos and other blogs these waterfalls are often dry you should plan your visit within a month of moderately heavy rain.  For those looking for a full day hike, there is an option that hikes from Xiufeng Waterfall over Dajianshan (and Sifenwei Peak) to Qiedong Waterfall. I need to go back and do that when I have more time. Dajianshan has many trails and looks like an awesome place for dayhiking.

Xiufeng Waterfall

How to get there – The three Dajianshan Waterfalls are easy to reach by car. Brown signs are on the main roads lead to the Dajianshan Trailhead near Xiufeng Waterfall. To get to Xiufeng Waterfall you go past the Dajianshan Trailhead at the temple and then past a picnic area until you reach the hairpin turn. The trailhead is marked with a Xiufeng Waterfall signboard and map and there is ample parking on the shoulder. To get to Dajianshan Waterfall and Qiedong Waterfall you will go back down the mountain and turn route at a security checkpoint. I had no problem walking past and I think cars are allowed if you tell them where you are going.

Mass Transit options – This hike is fairly easy with mass transit. 1-2 trains leave every hour from Taipei Main Station for Xizhi (spelled Sijhih on the TRA site). The train ride costs 27 or 35 TWD and takes <20 minutes. The F911 bus departs every hour on the hour from near the train station. It looks like you could take it to the last stop and then it is a short walk to Xiufeng Waterfall. From there you could walk or wait for the next bus down the hill to the gated security point. The walk to the waterfall from the security checkpoint is on a flat road with very little traffic and it makes for a very easy walk. It is about 1.5 km downhill from the Xiufeng Waterfall to the security point (a bus is an option) and it is about 2 km each way from the security checkpoint to Qiedong Waterfall

The hike – The hike to Xiufeng Waterfall is short and easy although the trail is made of extremely slippery rocks. Take the trail at the trailhead and stay right at two inersections. Near the waterfall there is a cool gap in the rock that you can squeeze through or you can take the trail around it. The trail ends at the waterfall and you need to backtrack to the trailhead. Along the way there is a trail that should go to Dajianshan Peak but I don’t know if that is an easy route or not.

Extended hike – There are many routes that cross over Dajianshan Peak and also Sifenwei Peak. You can do all 3 waterfalls and both peak on a long dayhike. Check out BikeHikeTaipei’s link for more info since he has done the hike.

Google Map Link – parking N25.050543 E121.665299

Dates visited – 12/4/2016

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